What are we? The Humble Fumble is a podcast primarily focused on “fungeons” – fun, one session dungeons. It’s unique because each new session has a new story, a new DM, and a new set of characters. No one is ever bored and we get to test out the characters we’ve always wanted to play but are hesitant to insert into a larger campaign. This could be fun or completely detrimental. Who knows!

Who are we? We are a group of friends who haveĀ been playing the Pathfinder system together for a long time and enjoy coming up with new adventures. We pride ourselves on our puns… which is why we have to drink so much in-game (there’s a pun rule.)

Interested in listening to one of our fungeons? Check out “Want to Listen” for descriptions and links for listening to our podcast. Or read fascinating reminiscence in our blog “Tales from the GM.”

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