Essential Adventuring Magic Items

Over the years of playing Pathfinder, I’ve discovered that every good party isn’t necessarily defined by its players; rather, by the items they carry with them. In the course of a long five-year campaign, my party and I have nailed down the five essential magic items, and one optional one, that every party must have. You might be surprised that these are just as important, if not more important, than magic armor and weapons. But it’s true.

I plan to expand upon these items in later anecdotes but, for now, heed my advice or beware!

Cloak of Resistance:

The cloak of resistance grants anywhere from a +1 to a +5 bonus to all saving throws. From early levels to epic level play, failing a save can be the most damaging moment for a party, whether the result is falling down a chasm or submitting to the control of an evil wizard, boosting ones saving throws are essential. Basically, it helps you not to die.

Ring of Protection:

The Ring of Protection grants the wearer a deflection bonus to AC ranging from +1 to +5. This is a very useful means by which a player can add to their AC, Touch, and Flatfoot defenses as a deflection bonus to AC affects all 3 types.

Again, it helps you not to die.

Ring of Sustenance:

The Ring of Sustenance is a simple, yet powerful magic ring that only costs 2500 gold pieces. The ring first provides the wearer with continual sustenance of water and food saving an adventurer the hassle of carrying and finding food and water skins. The second, and greatest power that the ring provides is that the wearer only needs 2 hours of sleep per day. Can you IMAGINE only needing this in real life?? This allows for health regeneration from a long rest in only 2 hours instead of 8 hours, allowing for everyone in the party to easily rest throughout the night while having multiple people keep watch at the same time. For casters, this is an even greater advantage in that they only require 3 hours out of the whole adventuring day to sleep and regain their spells.

Handy Haversack:

The Handy Haversack is magical backpack that, like a bag of holding, has inside of it a non-dimensional space. This means you can fit many more items within it than would fit in a non-magical bag its size. The haversack’s main section can hold up to 80lbs worth of items, while the two side pockets can hold 20lbs worth of items each, a total whopping 120lbs!

But, you ask, how does that help me? First, the bag only weighs 5lbs. But, that is not the greatest (and most enjoyable) function of the haversack. Surrounded by five bloodthirsty orcs, but you really need that wand of fireballs in your pack to kill the orcs? No problem! The haversack lets you retrieve anything from it as a move action without provoking an attack of opportunity. Those orcs will now go boom!!!

One might say it’s handy…

Necklace of Adaptation:

The necklace of adaptation is my personal favorite of these items. Facing a wizard that loves cloudkill? No problem! Ejected into the vacuum of space? You’ll be fine! (Well… mostly). The necklace of adaptation surrounds your body with a shell of fresh air protecting you from airborne poisons and gases and providing oxygen for an adventurer to breathe underwater and in the vacuum of space. The platinum necklace is worth every coin of the 9000 gold piece price.

This became so essential later on in our extended 5-year campaign, that any player without it was essentially screwed. More from where that came from…

Rope of Climbing (Optional):

The rope of climbing is a handy and rather amusing item. This 60ft long rope is enchanted with magic that, as long as you are holding onto one end, you can command the other end to extend and retract 10 feet per round. The rope can even tie itself! Additionally, it can knot in 5ft increments to make it easier for the party to climb at only a DC10 climb check.

Another fun story to come: it is much stronger than normal rope and can support up to 3000lbs of weight, saving us numerous times in Tomb of Horrors.


I’m sure there are many more items out there that have helped others along the way and would love to hear more if anyone has suggestions!

Until next time, this begins Tales from the GM.


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