The End of Times: An Overview

This week begins the long term tale of our five-year long campaign. This campaign took place in the Pathfinder setting of Golarion, many years in the future from the present time of the world. The over arcing story was the tale of various cataclysms that had the chance to destroy the world as we knew it, but the adventuring party were the focal point that could change the course of destruction. Our campaign had five main acts:

  • Act I began with the classic Gary Gygax module, The Temple of Elemental Evil. Our party had to face off against the evil demoness Zugtumoy to stop the coming cataclysm.
  • Act II took place 30 years after the first and was focused around another creation by Gary Gygax, the slaughterhouse module Tomb of Horrors. Our party had to right our mistakes in the last act and attempt to delve into the depths of Acereraks’ tomb for an artifact of great power: his skull. The rest of the campaign was no longer based on modules, but were instead the complete creation of our GM, Will Meadows, and one of the players in our first few podcast episodes.
  • Act III, another 10 years later, took us into the very depths of hell. The world has indeed started to go mad as we delved into a Dante’s Inferno inspired hellscape to stop the release of the imprisoned deity of destruction: Rovagug.
  • Act IV, 2 years later, would lead us to our greatest challenge yet: the Test of the Starstone. A brave – yet some would say foolish – attempt to gain much needed power of godhood to be able to defeat an oncoming Darkness that would soon envelope the world.
  • Act V, the final, climactic act of our campaign, followed our party, now empowered by the mantle of godhood, facing off against the now arrived Darkness rallying the last hope for life on Golarion.

Over the next several months our blog will share this campaign in detail, during which we shall discuss house rules of note, interesting characters that arose from the campaign, and various other tips and tricks we developed over the course of our adventure. As mentioned, the first two acts are the Gary Gygax modules: The Temple of Elemental Evil and The Tomb of Horrors, so there will be extensive spoilers for each module in the months ahead, though they will be kept to a minimum as much as possible.

Next week we will start the tale of Act I: The Temple of Elemental Evil by delving into the first dungeon of the Moathouse, and the dynamics of our first party.

Until next time, this has been Tales from the GM.

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