Essential Adventuring Mundane Items

Most players when spending their hard earned gold plundering dungeons and defeating villains will be inclined to turn the page of the Core Rulebook or Ultimate Equipment to the magic items section, but this week we will be addressing various interesting items in the lesser plundered and selected mundane items. These are items that may be overlooked, but can be of great aid to an adventuring party. I have searched through the PFSRD, and I have come up with one item of note from each of the main categories in the Goods and Services section, excluding the Technological Gear page. So, without much ado, let us begin.

Adventuring Gear: Racial Specific Trail Rations

Under the “Foods” table, you will find five different types of trail rations, one for each of the core races (excluding humans), that grant a special boon to one who is of the specific that continually consumes these rations for a week or more. Dwarven rations grant the ability to hustle or make a forced march for one additional hour per day. This comes in very handy for exploration campaigns, such as Kingmaker.

Elven rations allow the consuming elf to gain a +2 on all checks under the endurance feat, most of which are constitution based, so this more than cancels the elves innate constitution score penalty. A Gnome who consumes Gnome rations treats their hit die as being one level higher for the effects of spells and supernatural abilities they cast. This affects a wide variety of spells for all caster classes. Halflings handle the hard road of adventuring better on a full stomach, so those that consume Halfling rations reduce the penalty of being shaken from -2 to -1. Orcs become much more fierce if they consume Orc rations. The DC to resist intimidation checks that they make are at a +2 DC. Consume these rations and watch your foes run away in fear!

Alchemical Creations: Balms, Medicines, and Tonics

Rather than focusing on one item in particular, the medicinal balms and tonics need attention as a whole. These section of alchemical goods are made up of various items that provide static bonuses or remove negative effects that you have sustained from your interactions with monsters and dungeon delving. The list of these items include simple items such as “antiplague” and “antitoxin,” which improve your resistances to disease and poison, respectively, and are very useful in their own right.

There are also more unusual items such as “bloodblock,” essentially a triage band-aid to stop bleeding effects or provide mundane healing, and more expensive items such as “soul stimulant,” which one can drink every 12 hours to negate the effects of 1 negative level, a very powerful boon indeed.

Animals & Animal Gear: Pick your Pet

Have you always wanted a badger to annoy your friends, a pet T-Rex to crush your foes, or are you in a “dire” situation and need a large wolf by your side? Well, look no further; you have come to the right place! In the Animals & Animal Gear section you can find any type of non-magical and a few magical beasts that you could ever wish to keep with you on your adventures. Obedience and training is not standard on all models, so be ready to fork out that extra gold for a well behaved tiger or combat trained horse, otherwise buyer beware! 

Books, Paper, & Writing Supplies: Chalk/Charcoal 

A small piece of chalk and charcoal should be in every adventurer’s belt pouch. These weightless items are invaluable in many situations and they hardly cost a thing: 5 silver pieces and 1 copper piece for the pair. With both of these you can make markings on wood, stone, or metal surfaces to communicate to your allies, make rubbings of engravings, and most importantly when in the vast labyrinthine halls through which you delve you can draw arrows, so that you don’t lose your way. Let’s hope that a small creature doesn’t alter the stones upon which you have written. 

Clothing & Containers: Adventurer’s Sash

If I had to choose my favorite mundane item, this would be it. The adventurer’s sash is a special bandolier that costs 20 gold pieces and weights 3lbs. Why pay so much for this item when the normal bandolier is only 5 silver pieces and serves a similar role? Well, the standard bandolier merely has loops and attachments from which items may jostle and fall out, or easily be stolen by ne’er-do-wells.

The adventurer’s sash has six pouches that have a stiff leather flap requiring a move action to open/close, but may be left open for easier access (which, at our table, turns it into a swift action to retrieve an item). The sash also includes the same buckles and loops to attach items for even quicker access like the bandolier. Last, and most deviously, the sash has a quick release buckle that can be freed with a sharp tug as a move action to release the sash.

Furniture, Trade Goods, & Vehicles: Glider

For 500 gold pieces you can purchase a glider that can move at a maximum 80ft per round and must use an air current to guide your descent. Strap a Fire-Bomber Alchemist Goblin in this baby wearing a pair of adventurer’s sashes filled with alchemist’s fire and bombs and watch as he laughs with delight as he releases pain and suffering on his foes below.

Hirelings, Servants, & Services: Spellcasting 

If you need a spell cast and don’t have that cleric or wizard in your party that can come to your assistance, well… I hope you saved up that hard earned gold, because it is going to cost you. Depending on the size of the town, you may be able to find a spellcaster able to help you, but it will cost you quite a lot: Caster Level x Spell Level x 10 gold pieces. This can get rather costly really fast. Did you suffer some negative levels and ability damage from a run in with undead creatures?

Good news and bad news. The good news is you found a cleric that can cast it. The bad news is that it is going to cost you 380 or 1280 gold pieces depending on how badly you are hurt and what you need from the spell. This can help you in a pinch, but will drain your funds really fast. It’s generally better to make a friend with a caster than to pay one.

Locks, Keys, Tools, & Kits: Kits 

This section is rather large, so I will focus on kits in general. There is a large variety to choose from, 81 in total as of the writing of this post. The majority of them are class or role specific bundles of mundane items that package together useful items based on the selected package. A cavalier’s kit will have a saddle and items for taking care of a mount, all the things necessary for a warrior who fights horseback. A cleric’s kit will have all the necessary goods with which a messenger of their faith may minister to their flock. In addition to bundles of goods, there are some skill specific kits, like the climbers kit, that provide a flat +2 bonus to certain skills as long as you have the kit on your person.

Religious Items, Toys, & Games: Channel Foci 

This is a rather specific, but interesting set of items, that are directed for the usage of clerics, oracles, paladins, and other classes that might have the ability to channel energy. To use a channel foci, a player expends one of their daily uses into the object to empower it to allow them, or an ally, to expend the charge held within by a particular action. The bronze gong when charged allows a character with a ki pool to regain 1 point of ki when they ring a charged bronze gong. A consecrated weapon allows one to channel their power into it similar to the ability of the feat Channel Smite at ½ damage. These items, though situational, can bring about interesting ways in which to support your party.

Each of the items may be found at the link below by going to the categories listed with each item:—final/goods-and-services


What mundane items do you find useful for your adventurers? Tell us on either Twitter or Facebook linked at the top of the page. Next week we will begin our regaling of the adventure of our 5-year long campaign from level 1 to Godhood.

Until next time, this has been Tales from the GM.

Essential Adventuring Magic Items

Over the years of playing Pathfinder, I’ve discovered that every good party isn’t necessarily defined by its players; rather, by the items they carry with them. In the course of a long five-year campaign, my party and I have nailed down the five essential magic items, and one optional one, that every party must have. You might be surprised that these are just as important, if not more important, than magic armor and weapons. But it’s true.

I plan to expand upon these items in later anecdotes but, for now, heed my advice or beware!

Cloak of Resistance:

The cloak of resistance grants anywhere from a +1 to a +5 bonus to all saving throws. From early levels to epic level play, failing a save can be the most damaging moment for a party, whether the result is falling down a chasm or submitting to the control of an evil wizard, boosting ones saving throws are essential. Basically, it helps you not to die.

Ring of Protection:

The Ring of Protection grants the wearer a deflection bonus to AC ranging from +1 to +5. This is a very useful means by which a player can add to their AC, Touch, and Flatfoot defenses as a deflection bonus to AC affects all 3 types.

Again, it helps you not to die.

Ring of Sustenance:

The Ring of Sustenance is a simple, yet powerful magic ring that only costs 2500 gold pieces. The ring first provides the wearer with continual sustenance of water and food saving an adventurer the hassle of carrying and finding food and water skins. The second, and greatest power that the ring provides is that the wearer only needs 2 hours of sleep per day. Can you IMAGINE only needing this in real life?? This allows for health regeneration from a long rest in only 2 hours instead of 8 hours, allowing for everyone in the party to easily rest throughout the night while having multiple people keep watch at the same time. For casters, this is an even greater advantage in that they only require 3 hours out of the whole adventuring day to sleep and regain their spells.

Handy Haversack:

The Handy Haversack is magical backpack that, like a bag of holding, has inside of it a non-dimensional space. This means you can fit many more items within it than would fit in a non-magical bag its size. The haversack’s main section can hold up to 80lbs worth of items, while the two side pockets can hold 20lbs worth of items each, a total whopping 120lbs!

But, you ask, how does that help me? First, the bag only weighs 5lbs. But, that is not the greatest (and most enjoyable) function of the haversack. Surrounded by five bloodthirsty orcs, but you really need that wand of fireballs in your pack to kill the orcs? No problem! The haversack lets you retrieve anything from it as a move action without provoking an attack of opportunity. Those orcs will now go boom!!!

One might say it’s handy…

Necklace of Adaptation:

The necklace of adaptation is my personal favorite of these items. Facing a wizard that loves cloudkill? No problem! Ejected into the vacuum of space? You’ll be fine! (Well… mostly). The necklace of adaptation surrounds your body with a shell of fresh air protecting you from airborne poisons and gases and providing oxygen for an adventurer to breathe underwater and in the vacuum of space. The platinum necklace is worth every coin of the 9000 gold piece price.

This became so essential later on in our extended 5-year campaign, that any player without it was essentially screwed. More from where that came from…

Rope of Climbing (Optional):

The rope of climbing is a handy and rather amusing item. This 60ft long rope is enchanted with magic that, as long as you are holding onto one end, you can command the other end to extend and retract 10 feet per round. The rope can even tie itself! Additionally, it can knot in 5ft increments to make it easier for the party to climb at only a DC10 climb check.

Another fun story to come: it is much stronger than normal rope and can support up to 3000lbs of weight, saving us numerous times in Tomb of Horrors.


I’m sure there are many more items out there that have helped others along the way and would love to hear more if anyone has suggestions!

Until next time, this begins Tales from the GM.