Gabe Maddox


Hailing form the barren wasteland known as Bakersfield, Gabe is a 10 year veteran of tabletop games. Having played everything from Vampire to Deadlands, there are few systems he hasn’t tried. Due to this, and a fair bit of impulsiveness, he has a stack of dead characters the size of the Matterhorn. A long time player, he is now beginning to get his feet wet with GMing.

Jameson Sheehan

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Jameson got into playing tabletop roleplaying games when he overheard the other players talking about it, and quickly decided he wanted to give it a try. Five years later, and he has run through two long campaigns with the other Humble Fumble players, and numerous fungeons. When he isn’t playing computer or tabletop games with friends, Jameson is working on continuing his studies towards completing law school. Whether it’s joking and laughing as a player or sitting behind a GM screen, he is always ready to have a good time.

Katie Pylman


Artist, Knitter, Runner. Not always in that order. She likes coffee, vodka, and the smell of Witchcraft in the morning. Roll a three. She dares you.

Mike Madison


Wholly obsessed with world-building and eye-roll-worthy remarks, Mike has a penchant for coming up with ridiculous ideas that somehow work, but almost always end in the pain of those around him face-palming. Expect obscure references, wacky character builds, odd noises, and general WTF moments.

Randall Maryott


For every group, you need a cleric.  A giant coming from the terrible tundra of Southern California, Randall is a man who will use wisdom and dated references to live to the next day. Be wary fellow traveler, because he is cursed with the knowledge of 80/90’s cartoon shows.  If you fail your save, get ready to have you belly filled with drinks and your ears filled with useless knowledge.

Will Meadows


Honestly, Will is a mystery to us all… maybe one day, he’ll tell you about himself.