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We have several great storylines out:
  • Tomb of Felix the Fox – Our adventurers find themselves at the entrance of the Tomb of Felix the Fox in search of the lost ring of Gaspodar, a magical relic lost to time.
  • Murder at Wartooth Manor – What if you showed up to a murder mystery party and the host was actually killed?
  • 20 Sides to Die – A virgin, a pole-vaulter, a bookworm, a sex-driven bard and a constantly high moron with a horse-sized dog go on a vacation in the middle of winter. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? (Our Halloween edition!)
  • The Lost Village – What do a quirky traveling group, a humble cheeseman, a strange wizard and a ghost village all have in common?
  • An Isthmus Story – Keris Kring’el sends our heroes on a dangerous mission to avenge the Sa N’ta of Claws and save Isthmus. (Our Christmas special!)
  • The Treasure of John Williams – Get ready for adventures on the High Seas as our bardic crew join legendary pirate, John Williams, in swashbuckling duels and search for lost treasure.

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