Megan Sheehan – Producer


Behind the scenes, Megan makes everything work – from audio editing to social media – she helps us keep this podcast running. While not an avid Pathfinder participator, she is a lover of stories and laughter, as well as a video game addict, and keeps her HF boys on their toes.

Pixel – Mascot

A Terrier/Pomeranian goofball, Pixel was the first addition to this band of adventurers. When he’s not wrestling with his bff Dezzie (sorry if you hear them in the background, they really go at it), he can be found begging for attention or sitting on the backs of couches, surveying the world. And he’s a wizard!!

Dezzie – Mascot

As a Corgi/Pit Bull mix, Dezzie shatters all negative “Pit Bull” stereotypes. Her extreme snuggle and love-bug nature normally finds her lounging on someone’s lap or trying to force her way there, her eyes an eternal mask of concern. She was playfully named after the Pathfinder goddess Desna… and yet seems to fit into the role perfectly.